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Jan 21, 2013 10:00pm PST
have what you can expect tomorrow morning and why it's time to dig out the umbrella. >> coach harbaugh talks about the 49ers big win and the historic nature of the super bowl match up that he calls both a blessing and a curse. >> a dozen vehicles were stolen from this car lot. we'll show you what these surveillance cameras were able to capture and how the thieves were able to carry out their crime. >>> alameda county sheriff deputies are taking a close look at surveillance video tonight after a dozen automobiles disappeared from a used car lot. ktvu's amber lee is live in an unincorporated area with a new look at that surveillance video. >> reporter: we're at auto works a family used car lot. a dozen vehicles were stolen from here. the owner tells me he hopes surveillance video will help catch the thieves. this video shows three people running up to the office wearing beanies. the owners tell us the thieves stole files and a lock box contains keys to all the vehicles on the lot. >> we pretty much lock it. >> reporter: he shows us where the thieves first got on to the property. they bro
Jan 22, 2013 10:00pm PST
minute it is two harbaugh brothers each hoping to take home the super bowl trophy. how sibling rivalry can lead to success in sports. >>> new at 10:00, a fiery debate over a plan to bring hundreds of affordable housing units to los gatos. the community not known for its affordability. matt keller is live tonight at the council meeting and says that critics say the housing prices are unfair. >> reporter: as you can see the meeting is still going, people are sitting in over flow seating. the town is considering a special zoning for this property and four others clearing the way for the possibility of high density apartments including about 250 units on this stretch of open road. >> another 60 units going in there. and then way back over there is an area that is probably going to be a lot taller and has 128 units going in there. >> reporter: the problem according to many neighbors is not affordable housing for los gatos but where these projects are going. here where the five properties are located, all within the northern part of town and all within the same raidous. 87% of the af
Jan 20, 2013 11:30pm PST
and john harbaugh of the baltimore ravens. it's going to be interesting to see how they operate here for the next few weeks. but there's no doubt about it. 49ers are champions. >>> this is what it looked like on the streets of san francisco. fans could not wait to celebrate. this is the scene now at the mission district. debrora villalon is live now. where the celebrations went a little too far. >> reporter: for some people it did get a little out of hand. the buzz has died out now. but for a time the streets on the mission went crazy and police made about a dozen arrests. >> reporter: as the sun set on a historic game, crowds were euphoric, cruising the mission district. you might have thought the super bowl had already been won. >> everybody is pretty cool, and they are just you know celebrating the win. and i think police have a good handle on it. >> i just said one word. >> reporter: what police had to handle were arrests for public intoxicate. as people poured out of bars and homes and kept the party going. >> 49ers baby. >> reporter: along the 43 street corridor some peopl
Jan 14, 2013 10:00pm PST
, borrowing from coach harbaugh, nobody! fans say this is a golden era in bay area sports. >> it's our time to shine. the san francisco giants. >> reporter: you would think the last out was last week. >> hey, number one! >> reporter: from the long line of fans at the civic center in richmond. >> i think they still have their heart beating the moment they walk up there. they don't know what to do just like two years ago. >> reporter: the world championship trophy is on the road, paired with its friend from 2010, a chance for fans to pose with some giants history. >> this is the one that the time had in the dugout, in the clubhouse, when they won. it has some champagne marks on it. >> i'm just excited about it, that they did haven't forget about us small communities. i think it's good. >> reporter: and that gold jacket she is wearing, not a bad match with the orange and black. >> i'm a 49ers fan, too. >> great excellent teams, and we're lucky to be in the bay. >> as a player, it's so hard winning just one. >> reporter: mike felder played pro ball nine years, two with the giants. >> and the ci
Jan 17, 2013 10:00pm PST
-- job. jim harbaugh is pointing them in the right direction. >> we'll do what we do and i speak for myself. pack a toothbrush and a good attitude and get ready for a big game. >> reporter: the coach not giving away anything on a strategy for this game. >>> the mayor of santa clara the future home of the 49ers is waging a big bet. jamie matthews is wagering snoopie and charlie brown stuffed animals. and mayor miller is waging a case of wrigley gum. >>> auto maker toyota has settled the first of hundreds of wrongful death lawsuits. toyota says it reached an agreement to a suit from 2010. even so hundred more lawsuits over wrongful death remain. >>> lawmakers are cracking down on energy drinks. three democratic lawmakers are requesting lists of ingredients from 14 energy drink marketers and any company studies listing risks and benefits. city attorneys are also looking for marketing claims. >>> too close for comfort. in news of the world the incredible encounter two fishermen had with a giant shark. >>> back here in just 10 minutes, it's warming up around here. i'm going to let you kno
Jan 18, 2013 10:00pm PST
the team's preparation today and why coach harbaugh warns about being over confident. >>> san francisco police are also trying to figure out what caused an accident that killed a pedestrian this evening in the city south of market neighborhood. it happened about 5:45 this evening on howard street near howard and seventh. investigators are still trying to figure out whether the victim a woman in her 40s was in the crosswalk when she was struck by two cars. one man who lives in the area tell us that intersection is busy and dangerous. >> people drive crazy here. i walk home. i walk to and from work and i have to tell you, probably at every corner a car cuts in front of me while i'm in the crosswalk. >> reporter: we're told the drivers of both cars stayed on the scene and are cooperating with investigators. >> emotions were running high when a fight broke out. matt keller witnessed the melee and tells us the incident stands from a murder case and allegations of vigilante justice. >> reporter: family and friends of 26-year-old ricardo hernandez streamed out of the courthouse this
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)